Welcome to Open Source Software at servebox.org

This site presents all the open source activities at ServeBox.

You will find information about the projects and also tips, tutorials about Flex and Java projects.
Our open-source projects are under the Apache 2.0 license so you may use them for open source or commercial projects.

We hope you will find these projects useful and you are encouraged to get involved to make them better!

There are many ways to get involved in the project:

  • Create patches if you think you fixed an issue or made improvements
  • Request features
  • Contribute to the developer documentation by writing comments, posts or articles
  • Contribute to the developer documentation by translating documentation
  • Contact us for ideas or suggestions
  • Contact us to become a development team member


Currently, there are four open source projects. Two of them are available yet, two others are still in our incubator and will be available soon:

  • ActionScript Foundry: a quick an easy framework for Flex 3 development
  • Maven Flex Plugin: a plugin to manage Flex projects using Apache Maven
  • Code-named “Bambi” (not released yet)
  • Code-named “Matilda” (not released yet)
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