Maven Flex Plugin 2.0.0 Released

The Maven Flex Plugin 2.0.0 is available at :

  • Added a goal for asdoc generation, including aggregator projects and Maven site integration.
  • Maven Flex Plugin is now base on the Java-based Compiler API
  • 100% Java (using the Flex Compiler API)
  • Eclipse / FlexBuilder descriptor generation
  • Several bug fixes

Changelog :

* Documentation added : Flex Unit, ASDoc for aggregators, ASDoc template, Eclipse mojo.
* Added documentation about ASdoc and reports
* Reports for ASDoc and aggregator ASDoc
* Eclipse project descriptors generation, including multi-module projects
* Unit testing refactored
* Adobe Flex SDK Compiler API embedded
* Several bug fixes (including tests running under Linux, many thanks to Stephen More for the original patch)
* Compiler options management refactored to match Maven conventions

See the plugin site for more.

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