CManager tutorial

CManager, a tutorial which illustrates the development of a Flex application using ActionScript Foundry, is available. The application is composed of a Flex client and Java/BlazeDS service running on a Tomcat server. You can read the tutorial here.

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Using Spring ActionScript With ActionScript Foundry

What is Spring ActionScript ?

According to the official site:

Spring ActionScript is an Inversion of Control (IoC) Container for ActionScript 3.0, and more specifically the Flex framework. It enables you to configure objects and components in a non-intrusive way by describing them in an external xml document and having them loaded at runtime. ”

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A sample Flex/Webapp project using Maven

This is a sample flex3/J2EE project configured as a multi-module maven project. You can use this structure as a basis to build your own project. The Flex project should be considered as a dependency of the Web app project (the WAR). Using the maven dependency plugin, the swf artifact is copied to the web application root folder.

The project contains three modules :

  • flex-gui : the SWF artifact,
  • java-service : a sample Java facade,
  • web-app : the Web application, depending on both the flex-gui and java-services artifacts.

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