ServeBox repository structure update ( Air integration )

ServeBox is working on implementing AIR application build with Maven Flex Plugin. Due to this update the structure of the repository is altered as follows :

  • SWC Artifacts “airframework” and “airspark” are moved from “com.adobe.air” to “com.adobe.flex.sdkcore” because they are not part of AIR SDK provided by Adobe.
  • The group “com.adobe.air” will contain from now four artifacts with version; they are “airglobal.swc”, “applicationupdater.swc”, “applicationupdater_ui.swc” and “servicemonitor.swc”. These artifacts are also provided in versions, and plus “aircore.swc” artifact.
  • Artifacts of Flex SDK with versions and will be deleted, these versions corresponds to Gumbo SDK (Flex SDK 4 beta).
  • Added zh_CN locales for Flex 4 SDK versions.

And very soon an AIR archetype will be provided to make your project configuration easier. We hope these improvements will affect your projects in the good way.

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Maven Wagon SSH: public key with passphrase

We created a short patch to the Maven Wagon SSH provider. The standard provider allows you to use a passphrase, but it has to reside (in clear text) in your settings.xml file. To avoid this problem, if the passphrase is an empty string, the modified version of the wagon will prompt you for the passphrase in a Swing options pane.

You can apply the patch to the Wagon SSH source code (we used the 1.0-beta-2 version as the base), or add the following snippet to your POM files to use the binary artifact. › Continue reading

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008 Maven, Tips No Comments Maven repository relocated

The ServeBox maven repository was relocated on November 12th.

The former will still be available (to ensure backward compatibility) as a mirror of the new repository. The usage of the new repository URL is strongly encouraged. › Continue reading

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