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ServeBox ActionScript Foundry 3.0.0-beta has been released

ServeBox ActionScript Foundry 3.0.0-beta has been released, bring compatibility with flex4 framework. Maven dependency available at and source code in

Changelog :

changelog v3.0.0- Flex4

– SmartForm compatibility with spark component
– added preInitialize() function in : called when all external resources are loaded and before initializeFoundryObjects(). It avoids adding an event listener to each IExternalRessource objects and has only one function called after resources are loaded.
– added addEventListener signature to IExternalRessource.
– XMLSpringResource constructor needs now only a path.
– XMLSpringResource addEventListener() updated to match EventDispatcher equivalent method signature.
– GlobalizationDictionary implements IExternalRessource.
– GlobalizationDictionary dispatches a COMPLETE event when file is loaded.
– GlobalizationDictionary load() function replaced by setUri() setter. load() function is used now for loading XML only.
– A GlobalizationDictionaryError is thrown when trying to change GlobalizationDictionary file Uri.
– AbstractApplication extends spark.components.Application.
– AbstractAirApplication extends spark.components.WindowedApplication.
– Views : mx containers replaced by spark containers.
– IView extends IVisualElementContainer and IVisualElement in addition of IUIComponent to match spark containers specifications.
– getView() ViewHelper method result is casted to IView and no more to Container.
– Widget is a spark.components.Group.
– ISmartFormElement and all components extending it: setValue updated to setItemValue and getValue to getItemValue.
– ISmartFormElement and all components extending it: renderer returns UIComponent instead of a Container.
– SFDateCombo uses DropDownList instead of ComboBox.
– Added SFDropDownList as an ISmartFormElement.
– TextRenderer deleted because Text was removed from spark and replaced by Label.
– LabelRenderer : maxDisplayedLines set to 1 and showTruncationTip set to true.
– SFTextArea : renderer maxDisplayedLines set 0 and renderer height set to component height.
– DelayTextInput : Event.CHANGE updated to TextOperationEvent.CHANGE.
– Ununsed GridView mx container removed.
– BrowsingTabBar and BrowsingTabNavigator removed because they have no equivalent in Spark. Use instead a saprk TabBar and a ViewStack.
– TileView removed because it is a Group container with a TileLayout.
– SFComboBox dataProvider setter update : verifying that the dataProvider is a an IList.
– Update of extractURI() to match Flex 4 container’s child handling.
– seekObject() in GetObjectBrowsingAction update : NavigatorContent is ignored and inner IView component is processed.
– execute() in ViewStackBrowsingAction : selectedIndex is determined on the contained IView of the NavigatorContent.
– mx namespace fix.
– Using mx namespace instead of spark for transitions and states in SmartTextAreaVertical.
– toolbox ASDoc update to be valid.
– Projet pom.xml updated to use sparksins as a theme for ASDoc.
– Add postInitializeMethod after initializeFoundryObjects if there is no external resources.

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