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CManager tutorial

CManager, a tutorial which illustrates the development of a Flex application using ActionScript Foundry, is available. The application is composed of a Flex client and Java/BlazeDS service running on a Tomcat server. You can read the tutorial here.

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Using Spring ActionScript With ActionScript Foundry

What is Spring ActionScript ?

According to the official site:

Spring ActionScript is an Inversion of Control (IoC) Container for ActionScript 3.0, and more specifically the Flex framework. It enables you to configure objects and components in a non-intrusive way by describing them in an external xml document and having them loaded at runtime. ”

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Maven Flex Plugin 2.2.0 has been released

The Maven Flex Plugin 2.2.0 is released

Change log :

  • Several bug fixes.
  • Improved RSL dependencies support.
  • Improved compilation when optimize option is set to true.
  • Fixed fontSnapshot property.
  • Added modules support, modules can be configured, compiled and defined with flex:eclipse mojo.
  • Support of post-compilation optimization for modules.
  • resourcesDirectory option added.
  • maven-dependency-plugin dependency upgraded from version 2.0-alpha4 to latest stable version 2.1 ( fixed issue 2528490 ).
  • Downgraded xercesImpl to match OEM compiler dependency.
  • Add resourcesPath to compileSourceRoots.
  • Add a localesDirectory property which allows locales compilation prior to artifacts compilation.
  • Added a locales property (which now takes precedence on the former locale property) :

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ServeBox ActionScript Foundry 2.1.0 has been Released

Changelog :

  • Add a useNameAsMatchPropery on SmartForm. This property is used to force SmartForm mechanism on name property instead of Id property. e.g : If the linked value object has a “label” or a “name” property , you will not be able to create a SmartForm element with “name” as id, this is a reserved work.
  • Compatibility with Spring ActionScript ( prana ) improved
  • Load mechanism for external resources at startup refactored
  • Code cleaning
  • ISMartFormElement forward change event to SmartForm
  • Using flex SDK
  • Add a rendererPaddingTop for SmartForm renderer alignment.
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